Have you toyed with the idea of not using an agent to find your home?  With all the latest technology being used to sell homes today, some buyers can argue the need for a Realtor to help find what they can already find themselves.  Most listings get uploaded to public websites 24-72 hours after they have been broker loaded on the MLS system.

Some may take it even further……..

If I don’t have an agent, I can go directly to the listing agent and “save the commission”

I believe this to be true.  As a buyer, one of your major goals when looking for a new home would obviously be to get the best possible deal on the home that you love!  If you can save the commission, wouldn’t that help?
Here are some thoughts

– The listing agent is currently under contract with the seller to act in the seller’s best interest and achieve the highest market price for their home.  Is this someone you can count on to get you the best possible deal?   Is this someone you feel will be looking out in YOUR best interest? Are they trying to save you the most money possible, or get the sellers the most money possible?
– Is there any documentation that you as a buyer can look at to prove the agent has cut his/her commission with the seller, and by how much?

– Are you currently only looking to save the standard commission a buyer agent would receive from the listing price?  What if the listing is over priced to begin with? What if a good agent can save you way more?

– Would you agree that the best deals out there get scooped up the quickest?  What if while you are waiting for new listings to hit the public sites, they have already been previewed, or maybe even sold!

– Have you given any thought to using the Seller’s lawyer as well?  I’m sure you could work out a 2 for 1 special? (Joke)

I have NO doubt buyers have purchased homes directly from Realtors representing the Seller and got fabulous deals.  I am sure there are plenty of Realtors who provide great service to both the Seller and Buyer at the same time.  I am also sure some consumers have not had the same success. 

Just some things to think about.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts, only if they are nice of course!