During our latest managers meeting, I had the opportunity to review some industry numbers. While the numbers didn’t shock me, the disconnect between the public opinion of “all agents are the same” to the facts and numbers did.

As of September 2013, the Toronto Real Estate Board had 38,111 registered agents. In 2013, close to 73% of registered Realtors closed less than 6 deals per year. Over 10,000 agents did not record a deal at all. Can you imagine, the agents who were fortunate enough to close between 50-100 deals this year are categorized in the same group of realtors who did not make a single sale?

What amazes me is the fact that today, sellers have so many options when it comes to selling their home.  Fees ranging from a flat fee of $500 to 6% of the value of the home, for whatever reason, all are classified as the same.  

Whichever model suits your needs, there is something out there for everyone today.

I believe that you always get what you pay for!

What are your thoughts?